T.J. Mochanski


T.J. Mochanski is a freelance designer and artist living in Fairfax, VA. Born in Pittsburgh PA, T.J. began studying the arts at a very young age at The Oakbridge Academy of Arts in his hometown. He later pursued a design career with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design.  He studied at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh under many prominent Pittsburgh area Interior Designers and Architects.   After moving to Washington, DC in 2001 to begin his career, he also studied Fine and Contemporary Art and Design at the Corcoran School of Art + Design.

T.J.’s work primarily consists of pen and ink illustration but experiments with use of other mixed media such as watercolor, marker, and colored pencil. His artistic inspiration comes from his admiration of master artists such as Picasso, Kandinsky, and Escher.  Working on a piece of art has always been a form of relaxation and reflection for him – his simple method of “meditation and relaxation through art” is the philosophy on which he bases his work.